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125: How To Parent Your Kids With Grace (Not Fear or Control)

“That’s how my parents did things and I turned out just fine…”

Today on Lifeschool, we look at a few radically different parenting styles. We’ll reveal that while you might be well-intentioned, your parenting style may not be producing the type of outcomes in your children’s life and heart that you ultimately desire.

Our relationship with God directly feeds into how we see our role as a parent. If we have a flawed theology regarding who God is and how he sees us–his attitude toward us, our choices, our sin–it creates a chain reaction of flawed decisions and actions in how we parent our children.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • If you might be the “judgemental parent” or “legalistic parent” type
  • Several parenting styles that commonly flow from a flawed theology of God
  • How to develop a grace-based parenting style for life
  • The 4 key “freedoms” that all parents need to give their children
  • Important steps to auto-correct previous parenting mistakes

Get started here…

how to parent your kids with grace

God loves you the same regardless of how well or poorly you have been parenting so far. There is no condemnation from him towards you.

You have his love and grace. He desires that you know him more and live and parent out of your relationship with him.

Each week the Big 3 will give you immediate action steps to get you started.
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