Why Not Be Social Together ?!

199: The Truth About Tithing: Is It Biblical?

tithing is it biblical

Christians are taught that we should be giving 10% of everything we earn to the church. Is the practice of tithing still in effect for us today, or is it time to reconsider this practice? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll look at the truth about tithing. Is it biblical? Are we under-giving or…

198: A Million Little Things: Discipleship in the Real World

discipleship in real world

Wouldn’t it be great if Jesus had just left us his “5 Big Steps” or “3 Important Ingredients” for disciple-making? It would be so much simpler if discipleship in the real world was a little more spelled out and outlined into a few basics. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’re going to show you…

197: Lifeschool Cafe: Your Questions Answered

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get any (all) of your questions about discipleship, relationships, and life on mission answered by a couple of “experts”? Here ya go… This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, you have asked, and we’ve listened! Caesar and Heath answer a pile of your questions about discipleship and missional living…

196: Christmas and the Incarnation

christmas and the incarnation

Imagine Jesus being born today, in our times. Do you think he’d be received as God’s own son? Would the world believe… would you? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, Caesar and Heath celebrate their second annual Christmas episode, as they dive deep into the Incarnation and what it means for us today.

195: 4 Truths About God That Will Challenge Your Parenting

4 truths about God will challenge parenting

What you believe about God, overall and in the moment, affects how you parent your kids. Sometimes what we say we believe, and what our actions show we believe, are far apart. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll give you 4 truths about God that will forever challenge, and hopefully change, your parenting. And…

194: Climate Change. What to Know, What You Can Do

climate change what to know

Rising sea levels… raging storms. Ferocious fires and punishing floods. Is something changing on our planet, or is all of this just… normal? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we revisit a powerful conversation we had with renowned climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe. Recently, the US federal government issued a new National Climate Assessment, and Katharine…

193: 12 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City

ways you can improve your city

As God’s kids and together as his family here on Earth, we get to serve others as an expression of our identity in Christ. And sometimes, the smallest acts of service can have the biggest impact! This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll show you how serving your city in little ways provides a picture…

192: Why Intentional Disciple-Making = Real Church Growth

intentional disciple making real church growth

Much of the Church today seems to be operating with a “functional Great Commission”: Go into all the world and make more worship attenders, baptizing them in the name of small groups, and teaching them to volunteer a few times a month. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk with author and sought-after consultant,…

191: Friendsgiving: Making Room At God’s Table

how make room gods table

Thanksgiving meals give us an opportunity to turn strangers into friends and friends into family. Who will you invite to be part of your family this year? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, Caesar’s wife, Tina, joins him and Heath and teaches you how to include others from outside your immediate family in a new…

190: How To Deal With Difficult People in Your Life

how deal with difficult people

We all have those people in life who just rub us the wrong way. How are we supposed to deal with that? Ignore them, avoid them? Or… is there another way? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll teach you how to deal with difficult people in your life. Whether they’re family members, co-workers, or…

189: Why You Should Treat Everyone Like Family

treat everyone like family

Who’s ‘in’… who’s ‘out’… Are we really called to treat everyone like part of the family? Or is this more of an expression of how we should try to live, primarily with other Christians? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll show you what scripture teaches and try and convince you that you should treat everyone…

188: Conversion Without Discipleship? Why You Need Both

conversion discipleship why need both

Church doctrines of grace and salvation, in some cases, may actually prevent us from creating an expectation that we are to be and make disciples. Do our existing models of evangelism and discipleship fail to produce true followers of Jesus? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we dive into the importance of recovering a robust…

187: Why Jesus Didn’t Make Disciples in a Classroom

jesus make disciples in classroom

Something isn’t working. More and more we’re seeing people leave the church because it seems less relevant to them, and they are not being discipled in the normal aspects of everyday life. Jesus… can you help us?! This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we look into why Jesus didn’t make disciples in a classroom or…

186: Why Our Leaders Need to Reimagine the Church

reimagine the church

The Church has been run in much the same way for decades; we’ve run programs, services, built buildings, and held conferences. I wonder if we’ve really achieved the thing that is most on the heart of God? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk with author and movement leader, Nic Harding, and try and…

185: How Do We Love Mercy and Do Justice?

love mercy do justice

It seems like it only takes a few seconds being on social media or TV to see people crying out for justice. We often speak of “getting justice”, but the Bible speaks of “doing justice”. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we discuss the command in scripture to love mercy and do justice… and if…

184: Sowing and Reaping: What is the “Harvest” Jesus Talked About?

sowing and reaping

Unless seeds are planted, watered, and given enough time for growth, there is little expectation of a harvest. That’s how it works in farming; it seems it is similar with people and their faith. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we discuss the spiritual metaphor of sowing and reaping. Is it possible to do any…

183: How to Transition to a Spiritual Conversation

transition to spiritual conversation

It can seem like the scariest and most awkward thing to do in life and relationships: you’re having a nice conversation, and you feel it’s time to bring up Jesus or transition to spiritual things. Yikes! This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we discuss how to transition normal, everyday discussions to spiritual conversations—without it being…

182: What Does a Missional Community Need to “Do” Together?

Missional Community Do Together

Other than a weekly meal and hangout, what does a missional community need to do together? Are there set patterns for being together, or are we just trying to fit everything into a neat little once-a-week box? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we discuss what a missional community is supposed to do from week-to-week.…

181: How To: Missional Community in Any Context

missional community in any context

“Missional community life probably works great where you live, but you don’t understand my context. People are different here…” I’ve heard this a zillion times. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we discuss whether or not it’s actually possible to start and sustain a missional community in any context: urban, suburban, rural… the moon!

180: How to Say NO and Get Out of Bad Commitments

how to say no

Whether caused by fear of man or the fear of missing out (FOMO), most of us need to learn to say “no” a whole lot more often. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll teach you how to say no more often in life and how to un-commit yourself from the things that you shouldn’t…