Why Not Be Social Together ?!

134: 7 Pillars of Society: How to Change Your World

7 pillars of society

It’s easy to point fingers at “the culture” and think that it includes everyone else outside of ourselves. But we are the culture… and the culture is us. Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we talk about how every culture is woven together in some pretty similar ways worldwide, and we’ll look for clues from this…

133: How to Start a Missional Community From Scratch

start a missional community

Starting a missional community is not about tossing a rope around a few of your closest friends and trying to talk them into living more “missionally” together. Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we’re talking about some very basic, but super-important steps on how to start a missional community from scratch. Let’s get you started…

132: How to Multiply Your Missional Community in a Healthy Way

multiply your missional community

Has your missional community gotten stuck in a rut or become a “holy huddle” of mostly Christians hanging out once a week? Healthy things always grow… and multiply! Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we’re gonna talk about bringing intentionality and multiplication into everything you do within your missional community.

131: What Causes Sin and How to Stop It

how to stop sin

“Just stop it!” doesn’t really work when it comes to changing sinful actions, habits, or thoughts in our lives (or in others). And perhaps what you’ve been taught about sin and repentance is all wrong… Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we talk about where sin really comes from and how we can move away from…

130: How to Make the Gospel Beautiful and Relatable

make the gospel beautiful

Many in our churches have spent years listening to sermons, studying theology and reading the Word of God, yet still feel intimidated or unable to naturally express the good news of the Gospel into normal life, conversations, and circumstances. Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we’ll give you a proven way to make the gospel beautiful,…

129: The Pursuit of Happiness — What It Is and How to Get It

the pursuit of happiness

Happiness is not something you achieve once and for all. Happiness is a muscle, a skill, a way of being that can and must be exercised. In this episode of Lifeschool, we talk with author, theologian, and pastor, David McDonald, about the pursuit of happiness: what it is, how we can get it, and why…

128: Where Was God During Hurricane Harvey?

Last week saw one of the greatest natural disasters to ever hit America. Thousands of families have lost everything they own, and lives were lost. In times like this it is understandable to wonder, or ask, “Where was God during hurricane Harvey?” In this episode of Lifeschool, we discuss this question and what our response…

127: Decision Fatigue: How to Make Better Decisions

make better decisions

Do you ever feel like if you have to answer one more question or make another decision today your head is going to pop off? Does it seem harder to remain patient with others as the day wears on? In this episode of Lifeschool, we talk about the concept of “decision fatigue,” why it may…

126: How Money Affects Your Significance and Security

how money affects your security

Jesus talks about money and related issues of the heart more than he talks about heaven and hell or pretty much anything else. Pretty interesting, huh? In this episode of Lifeschool, we look at how our ultimate understanding of the gospel affects how we view and use money, and how our generosity flows from our…

125: How To Parent Your Kids With Grace (Not Fear or Control)

how to parent your kids with grace

“That’s how my parents did things and I turned out just fine…” Today on Lifeschool, we look at a few radically different parenting styles. We’ll reveal that while you might be well-intentioned, your parenting style may not be producing the type of outcomes in your children’s life and heart that you ultimately desire.

124: What to Do with Kids in Your Missional Community

kids in your missional community

Kids are great! But sometimes when it comes to having a bunch of them at all different ages corralled together, things can feel hectic and distracted. One of the most common questions we hear connected to this is, “what do you do with kids in your missional community? How do you handle them, what types…

123: How to Pump Up Your Missional Community

pump up your missional community

Feeling like your church small group or supposed “missional community” is a bit of a dud? They can often times get stuck as just a weekly meeting and never really become the intentional, life-on-life, daily experience they are meant to be. (Or can be!) In this episode of Lifeschool, we talk about how to pump…

122: How to Create a Lifestyle of Discipleship

create a lifestyle of discipleship

Is discipleship about gaining knowledge, or is it about a transformed life? Is it a series of classes or, like with Jesus and his pals, was it an all of life kind of a deal? In this episode of Lifeschool, we’re gonna talk about true discipleship and look at what a lifestyle of discipleship looks…

121: A Life of Focus: Time Management if God Set Your Schedule

time management if god set your schedule

How different do you think your schedule and calendar would look like if God managed it for you? Crazy, right? In this episode of Lifeschool, we talk about how we prioritize our time and focus in life…not so much how we squeeze more out of our work day or schedules. Sort of time management for…

120: What Is Missional? And Why It Scares Most Pastors To Death

what is missional?

We still hear a lot of “missional” talk these days… It’s the sexy phrase in the church world. But what is truly missional? What does it mean, and is your church or small group really all that missional? In this week’s episode of Lifeschool, we’ll define it for you–what it is and is not–and we…

119: Why You Need a Break: The Modern Day Sabbath

Almost no one I know has a lot of extra time on their hands. And you were never created to sustain the pace you may be living at! In this episode of Lifeschool, we are talking about the often neglected, but super-important, concept and practice of taking a sabbath day of rest. Remember those?!

118: Why Bi-Vocational Ministry is the Future of Church Leadership

bi-vocational ministry

For many Christians, a paid position on their church’s staff may seem like the big dream… like they’ve arrived at the “real ministry” pinnacle. In this episode of Lifeschool we’re going to talk about the future of church leadership and who should be having paid positions at the church. And how, maybe, full time vocational…

117: Daddy-Daughter Dates: 5 Things You Need to Know

daddy daughter dates

Life is busy and our kids grow up (super) fast! As parents, we wonder if we’re developing the hearts of our kids in ways that will secure our relationship with them, and help them develop meaningful relationships in the future. In this episode of Lifeschool, Caesar shares with us how intentional daddy-daughter dates has proven…

116: How to Make Sure You’re Developing the Right Leaders

developing the right leaders

Developing new leaders is crucial to the success and growth of any ministry or organization. Without it we are facing a growing list of responsibilities that will eventually crush us. And most definitely a future that will not include multiplication. In this episode we’ll teach you how to determine the right people you should be…

115: How to Move From Forgiveness to Reconciliation

forgiveness to reconciliation

All of us know the pain of having a broken relationship. Most of us live with this pain thinking there is no way to restore what’s been lost. In this episode we discuss the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation and how to restore relationships that seem too far gone to repair.